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AID Genomics strives to improve continuously

AID Genomics is an international group of medical technology companies specialized in the diagnosis and therapy of cancer and infectious diseases like COVID-19.

AID Genomics’ advanced testing platforms were developed by a leading team of experts in oncology, molecular biology, molecular pathology, genomics and bioinformatics.

AID Genomics uses cutting-edge technology to substantially improve cancer patients' survival rate and quality of life by offering early detection solutions integrated with personalized preventive medicine. AID Genomics also offers a range of innovative mobile COVID-19 testing solutions, enabling increased mobility and transport options.

AID Genomics is a member of AID Private Equity Group, co-founded by Kelvin Wu in 2007

AID Genomics strives to provide solutions to meet the need of the global genetic testing community, fulfilling emergent diagnostic services as the science of genomic and genetic testing evolves.

Every company has a history. Here is ours!


Genesort was founded, and started a Joint Venture with Bar Ilan.

ISO15189 accreditation received for NGS lab.

AID Private Equity Group purchase Genesort.

AID genomics establish AID tech. NY expert conference organized with Prostate cancer foundation.

Proof of Concept study for liquid biopsy. AID launched Alpha version of Digital pathology Platform and Beta Telegenetic Counseling Platform. Launched Alpha version of NGS Analyst.

Israeli Ministry of Health accreditation for biopsy technology. Joint Venture formed with Early Cancer Detection through TLV Hospital. AID purchased Rosetta Genomics.

Established COVID-19 testing protocol, including seven emergency labs in Israel with a capacity of 30,000 tests/day

Our mission
At AID Genomics, our mission is to bring best-in-class NGS and diagnostic technology to all corners of the world

We care - we take pride in working across the globe to further science and bring accessible genomic services and COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)testing to all regions

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