AID Genomics

Enabling Mass Adoption of Precision Medicine

Improving People’s Lives by Making Genomic Medicine Accessible

We are committed to enabling our patients better access to accurate diagnostics and provide physicians with state-of-the-art diagnostics that will allow them to make better treatment choices for patients worldwide.

Our rich research and development division combines cutting-edge technologies such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), miRNA, and epigenetics, alongside AI-based analytical tools. Our strong and diverse partnerships help us deliver affordable precision medicine that will improve patients’ care and quality of life.

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AID Genomics focuses on

Redefining Cancer Care for a Better Tomorrow

Cancer detection in early stages
Artificial Intelligence analytics to improve patient diagnostics
Research and development of innovative and affordable genomic tests
Enabling patients longer and healthier lives


We are pioneers in cutting-edge genomic and genetic diagnostics. Our mission is to improve patient care through individualized diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Kelvin Wu
Executive Chairman
“Genomic testing must be a foundational element of patient’s care. Treatment efficacy has long suffered by empirical testing results, but there are now much better diagnostic solutions. Our technology is designed to capture, amplify and sequence circulating tumor DNA and RNA in patients’ blood, providing a fast and reliable analysis for physicians, thus enabling them to make informed therapy choices and patient management decisions.
Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of the world by democratizing genomic science so that it will be readily available and affordable to healthcare systems everywhere. Put simply, we should all expect that our doctors are able to prescribe the therapies that give us the best chance of health.”


Our tests allow oncologists to match each patient’s unique cancer genomic profile with the right targeted therapy, giving you the tools you need to make more informed treatment decisions.

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Every patient’s cancer is different. Therefore, it requires a tailored and targeted personalized care plan. That is why we are dedicated to delivering detailed, accurate, and comprehensive genomic insights that will help your doctor prescribe the most effective and efficient treatment.

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Our insights are based on robust datasets, fostering breakthroughs in genomic science to help us achieve our vision of delivering accessible precision medicine solutions to patients.

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