Products and Services

Early Colorectal Cancer Screening Test

We intend to launch within the near future a DNA Methylation Detection kit, which is designed to detect a unique subset of genetic signatures that are specific for colorectal cancer cells in human fecal samples. The kit is intended to be used as a non-invasive test to aid the diagnosis of patients who are recommended by clinicians to receive a diagnostic colonoscopy.


NIFTY is a non-invasive prenatal test. The test offers screening for some of the most common trisomies present at birth, including trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome), and trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome) providing an accuracy rate of 99%. It also provides testing options for sex chromosomal aneuploidies, as well as 84 micro-deletions / duplications and gender determination.

Precision Oncology Pipeline


Onco-AIDG CGP: Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (CGP) of Cancer Tissue for Molecular Diagnosis and Therapeutic Recommendations

We are developing a novel assay to sequence a comprehensive panel of several hundred critical cancer-related, actionable genes including some critical non-coding regions.

Test results will include tumor mutational burden (TMB) status, as well as microsatellite instability (MSI) status, both critical for assessing whether the patient will benefit from checkpoint inhibitor-based therapeutics.

This test is intended to be utilized on minimal amounts of DNA and RNA extracted from FFPE tumor biopsies as well as from healthy marginal tissue.


LungLBx Aid

Currently, 30%-50% of NSCLC patients might not survive until receipt of definitive diagnosis and complete molecular pathology profile, which are mandatory for targeted therapy selection according to the NCCN guidelines.

We are developing an accurate, fast, and affordable liquid biopsy-based test that will enable early diagnosis of metastatic lung cancer and will assist the oncologist to select appropriate targeted therapies.

Our test is designed to identify:

  • The presence of a variety of oncogenic mutations
  • The differential diagnosis of benign versus malignant tumors
  • The differential diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma, from other non-small-cell lung cancers, from the free DNA and RNA analysis of patient plasma


    AIDG has developed a COVID-19 rapid testing mobile interpretation and transmission application that enables clients to perform DIY health inspections with smart technology support.

    The guided process is simple and supported by health professionals available online. In addition, the App supports biometric (face recognition) user authentication, required for adequate reporting of test results to competent authorities.





    AIDTES develops and implements novel software solutions for analysis, interpretation, and connectivity for clinical molecular diagnostics applications.

    AIDTES software is automating large-scale one of the most crucial and rate-limiting steps of qPCR; analysis and interpretation while making sure data is safe and secured. Our unique solution reduces costs and error-prone human analysis, boosts overall lab efficiency, and constantly achieves 99.9% accuracy.

    So far we have conducted over 5M Covid-19 qPCR analyses in Israel and overseas. In addition, AIDTES collaborates with qPCR kits manufacturers in the fields of clinical diagnostics, agriculture, and Food-Tech.

      • AID-TES - an artificial intelligence (AI)-based software for ultra-fast, high throughput analysis, interpretation, transmission and archiving of RT-PCR raw data (for more details, click here)
      • COVID-19 antigen test kits - CE\MHRA\BfARM accredited test kits for professional or self use
      • COVID-19 rapid testing mobile interpetation and transmission application - a proprietary mobile application designed for individual and secure login based on face and ID recognition, step-by-step user guidance, test visual result interpretation, and transmission of results to healthcare competent authorities
      • COVID-19 rapid testing service for large events (contact us for more details)
      For further information, please visit our COVID-19 Response page.


      AID Genomics offers the following products and services:



      BABAA-TUBE Kit for direct viral collection is designed and developed to suit the COVID-19 testing array, which diminishes the need for transfer of sample liquid to a primary tube in order for robot compatibility and in order to avoid interference (and potential contamination) by the swab to the liquid handling process.

      Patented and unique design allows the working with swab tubes directly on most of the available testing systems (Hamilton, Tecan, Beckman Coulter, etc).

      In addition, the BABAA tubes contain proprietary viral lysis, transport, and neutralization buffer that enables safe transport and handling of COVID-19 samples without the need for heat inactivation prior to downstream sample prep procedures (e.g., viral RNA extraction and qPCR setup).

      In conclusion, BABAA tubes reduce the sample-to-result time significantly, reduces the need for expensive labor and additional consumables & minimalizes the risk of working manually with biohazardous samples.